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Roof & Attic Insulation Removal in Toronto

Old, damaged, or contaminated insulation will compromise thermal performance and even cause additional problems. When your energy costs rise above normal, it’s a sure sign that insulation isn’t working effectively. It means that the attic is leaking, and therefore losing heat in winter and losing air conditioning in summer.

With old insulation, there may be residual asbestos that was installed decades ago. It’s not necessarily dangerous if everything is left undisturbed, but removal is recommended. What is most important with insulation removal is to ensure that any contaminated materials are disposed of safely and appropriately.

EcoComfort contractor removing old attic insulation from a Toronto homeRemoving damaged, decayed or contaminated insulation

There are a number of scenarios where insulation materials should be removed and installed anew. For homeowners doing a home renovation, this is an ideal opportunity for removing and upgrading attic insulation in Toronto. This is also an ideal time to make any required retrofits – such as installing air barriers, vapour barriers, or ventilation devices. Insulation removal should be performed professionally, with the proper inspection and assessment of existing conditions.   

  • where there is deterioration caused by condensation or moisture accumulation
  • when the insulation material is water damaged, smoke damaged, or mold infested
  • if the space has been contaminated by animals or insects (and associated damage) 

How can you tell if your insulation needs to be replaced?

In general, it’s always better to have a professional assessment to determine the condition of existing insulation. Insulation professionals have the experience and expertise to notice the signs and symptoms of trouble – and when there are symptoms, it’s time to take action.

  • visible areas of water leakage or similar signs of wet spots
  • evidence of animal debris, insect infestation, or mold growth
  • areas where insulation is missing, lacking, or even damaged

Any of these signs indicate that attention is required. With a professional on hand, you can be sure that the cause of the problem is assessed, and damages evaluated. The next step is to consider insulation removal, make necessary repairs, and choose new product to install. 

EcoComfort specializes in professional insulation removal – with safe disposal and no mess. We decontaminate and disinfect where required, and prepare the installation space for new product. With the proper retrofits, we aim for improved performance and energy efficiency.

Insulation removal requires expertise. This is not the right time for a DIY project, mainly because of the inherent risks and dangers. It’s also unwise to remove old insulation and simply replace. What’s important is to make all fo the necessary repairs and/or retrofits.



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