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Attic Ventilation 

Attic insulation cannot perform without appropriate ventilation. The space must be well ventilated in order to provide air circulation. Good air circulation prevents moisture from accumulating and stops condensation from building up. With effective ventilation, the roof and attic cavity are well protected, prolonging the lifespan of the physical structure.

For professionals, roof venting works in tandem with attic insulation. Because every attic is unique, roof venting is customized so that the ventilation suits the space. Just as important are the type of ventilation components that are installed. Here, there are various options to choose from – soffit vents, rafter vents, ridge vents, solar vents, and turbines.

Attic ventilation provides a number of benefits

Attic ventilation should not be underestimated. Intake vents and exhaust vents allow the “building envelope” to better perform. As such, proper ventilation provides many benefits  

  • seasonal temperatures in the attic are balanced and moderated
  • moisture accumulation is prevented (as well as condensation)
  • roofing components and insulation materials don’t deteriorate
  • with less heat build-up in the attic, energy efficiency is boosted
  • effective ventilation results in lower heating and cooling costs

Attic Heat Loss Due to Poor Attic Insulation

EcoComfort offers a wide range of ventilation products

After inspecting your attic space, EcoComfort will determine the most effective venting solution. We strive for the best possible performance and for the most competitive price.

Low Profile Vents

These vents don’t have any moving parts and are designed to allow hot air and moisture to vent out. Also known as “box vents”, these devices are typically installed near the roof ridge.

Static Ridge Vents

Also without any moving parts, these vents are installed along the horizontal ridge of the roof, and are designed to provide temperature distribution in winter and summer alike.

Soffit/Eave Vents

These vents allow for air intake into the roof cavity. Soffit vents offer very effective venting when they are installed with ridge vents – this creates a comprehensive ventilation system.

Rafter Vents

Rafter vents keep soffit vents clear so outside air can move through the attic and ventilate out. Rafter vents must be properly installed so that insulation material is not affected.

Gable Vents

Gable vents are installed at the “peak” of the roof and work with all of the intake vents. The combined system allows air to move up through the attic and out through the gable vents.

Power Vents

Motorized power vents remove hot air and moisture from the attic. The vents are typically controlled by temperature and humidity to effectively ventilate the entire attic space.

EcoComfort provides attic ventilation products that are warrantied, along with installations that are guaranteed. We manage your project from end to end to exceed your expectations. 




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